Sharpening Services

Excellent Blade Sharpening Services

Make Your Blades Like New

The key to great looking grass, cleanly trimmed bushes, and a nice crisp sidewalk edge is a sharp blade. You can trust our years of experience to restore a nice sharp edge to your mower blades, chainsaws, and trimmers. Keeping a nice sharp edge will make it easier for you to get professional results. After all, the key to professional results is maintaining your equipment just like the pros do.
It might sound counter intuitive, but the sharper the blade, the safer it is to work with. This is because you get more predictable results, and are less likely to get hung up on a branch or other obstruction.

Regular Maintenance of Your Tools

You need to do more than keeping your mower's blade sharp to get the maximum life span out of it. You can trust our honest maintenance and repair team to keep your equipment in top shape for years to come. With properly functioning equipment, a sharp blade, and a little experience, you can get professional results without having to hire a professional lawn care team. Get in touch with Call A-1 Fixit Shop today! We offer services at competitive prices.
Call us today and schedule a blade sharpening!
You can turn to us for your commercial grade blade sharpening. Keep the blades on your mowers fleet sharp, so you can deliver professional results. Contact us today, we usually return your calls the same day!
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